Association Jeunesse Entreprises - Helping our youth to find its way

Clé de Fa agency was recently labeled AJE in recognition of our commitments and concrete and significant initiatives for the youth / companies reconciliation. The Clé de Fa team can be proud of the work accomplished. These are many efforts, in particular from Thomas and Michael, with the passages of young people more or less motivated, more or less oriented, more or less trained! But the result is here and many of them still pass by the agency to apply, ask for advice, show a book, validate an idea, start another training course...

Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion - Social approach and societal discrimination

Since 2012, Fanny is very committed to the Club FACE Oise. As a non-profit organization (Association loi 1901) we act with a network of volunteer business men and women, against exclusion and discrimination through sponsorships, business visits, schools interventions, Forums organizations...

Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants - Network sharing and Exchange

The two founders of the agency, Clementine and Fanny remain convinced that alone we are not much. Bring different points of view to collaborators, enrich your experiences through the knowledge of the elders, innovate for your customers... are all the more subjects requiring exchanges. By sharing the same values, the CJD allow people to develop, transmit, receive and help.

100,000 Entrepreneurs - Give young people the desire to undertake

Clementine intervenes with the association 100,000 Entrepreneurs in suburban schools, because to listen to an entrepreneur talking about his adventure gives young people some career prospects, awakens their desire to express themselves through work and "take control of their lives". The intervention shows that it is possible to choose your professional life, and it may be synonymous of opportunity and development.

Mission Locale- Individualized career goals

Since 2008, we have close ties with the Mission Locale of Clermont. Our industry is attractive for young people, but the discovery of trades is only possible by having it "at your fingertips”. Thomas and Michael are always available to transmit their knowledge to those who want to engage in our professions.

Un jour/un métier - Support to the actions of the Agefiph

As part of operation "A day/a business” organized by the Agefiph, an organization that accompanies people with disabilities through all the steps needed for their employment, Thomas received for a day, people wishing to find out more about our professions.